As my birthday is approaching (very slowly) I’m collecting ideas what to get for myself if I’ll be able to spare some money. So here is my wishlist: I’ve found a cute little tool to roast coffee with on Amazon aaand it is on Sale! Yep, now and not in two months time so fingers … More Wishlist

Coffee Roasting: A Close-UP – How Pros Do It

After my coffee roasting experience (or let’s say inexperience) I found a short video that gives us a real insight into coffee roasting. When I say insight I mean it. The video was filmed in a roastery and some parts -unbelievably- in the drum chamber. I’m quite proud to mention that the creators are Hungarians. … More Coffee Roasting: A Close-UP – How Pros Do It

Almost there

Just a quick update. The green coffee I ordered has been delivered. (It came through the letter box which was a huge surprise as I didn’t know how they managed to fit it in.) I chose Costa Rican SHB RFA (which is short for Rain Forest Alliance that is similar to the Fair Trade mark – … More Almost there